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Richard Marazzi is a graphic designer and photographer. Visit Richard Marazzi Design to find out more about his work.

Real People Reno: A Toronto Home Studio, Part 2

Posted by Richard Marazzi Tuesday, January 29, 2013 2:00 PM EST


Yesterday, we introduced you to Richard Marazzi, a graphic designer and photographer who designed much of the furniture in his Toronto home. Starting with his bedroom makeover, today we’re taking you inside his home and his head as Richard’s revamps his living room, dining room, and deck.


Part 2

The Living Room: The Before


I took a similar approach to the living room, designing the bookshelf and having it created by the same furniture maker. This time though, I wasn’t careful enough in measuring and forgot to take into consideration the delivery up the stairway.


While we were carrying it up, we tried to twist it around the corner but the unit was too big and eventually broke down. Fortunately, the story has a good ending: I was able to bring the bookshelf up, reassemble it and glue it all together again. Thank god.


At that point I filled it with objects that represent me and have been with me for a long time, like the vintage cameras, wood type, photo book collection and the unique light with the three Edison bulbs purchased on Etsy. I also went shopping here and there on Queen St. West and took things from vintage shops.


The coffee table is a combination of two different pieces. I took a trip to a marble shop in Vaughn and asked to take a look at the scrap section where I found the piece of Carrera marble I was looking for. I had it cut to size and polished the edges for $200. I then designed the metal stand and had it fabricated for an additional $250. The Barcelona chair is a mid-century icon and was perfect for the modern look I was going for. The TV stand is from the furniture maker I used for the other projects and I found it perfectly fitting for the room.


The approximate cost of the room: $3000.


The After

Living Room After

Living Room Bench


The Dining Room: The Before



The dining table is another of my projects. I visited a friend of mine who runs a wood door/trim manufacturing company and asked him to make me a solid walnut top. I then stumbled upon a metal fabricator operating in a garage off of Liberty Village on my way to a Toronto FC game. And so the table was brought to life.


The top cost $1000 and the legs were $250. The chairs are another mid-century icon designed by Ray and Charles Eames and I liked the colour pairing with the dark walnut. The vertical screen-prints are Cuban communist propaganda posters that I bought in a rummage shop in Santiago Cuba for $10 each. I found the vintage metal cabinet wondering around in a rummage shop, I then stripped it down and restored it to his current state.


The approximate cost of the room: $3000.


The After

Dining Room After 2Dining Room After 3

Dining Room AfterDining Room Table Detail


The Deck: The Before




My goals for the deck were simple: privacy and a modern look. Instead of going for a vertical rails, I opted for a horizontal look which is more modern and becomes the focal point of the house when looked at from the outside.


The approximate cost of the room: $3000.


The After

Deck 3

Deck 1Deck 2


Want more? Check back tomorrow to see how Richard renovates his kitchen, bathroom and office!

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