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Real People Nursery: Fresh Colours and Ideas for a Baby Boy's Room

Posted by Guest Author Thursday, September 1, 2011 10:09 AM EST


The 'girlfriend' I refer to in this past Guilty Splurge vs Steal Modern Crib edition, is actually Kristi, of Kristi and Matt and their Backyard Makeover fame. They're that young, industrious couple who do all those things we bloggers blog about, like it ain't no thing. This is their baby boy's nursery.

Kristi: Even though we knew we were having a boy, I didn't want the room to be over-the-top 'boyish'. I wanted it to be fun, modern and bright. My starting point was actually the fabric; I fell in love with the Alexander Henry 2D Zoo fabric [bought on Etsy] and decided to work around that. We also didn't want to have to repaint the room, so I knew whatever we did had to go with the green walls. The colour is Benjamin Moore "Ben" paint in Pale Avocado -- left over from our living room. The crib was also one of the first things I chose, so I bought the other white furniture to go with it... We finished everything in the room before baby was born, except for the framed photos/artwork...that got finished a couple of months after.

IKEA-hacked two-toned Malm dresser and Monte "Luca" glider.

The infamous crib comparison I made in the said Splurge vs Steal, garnered me a few sideways glances from crib aficionados, but I maintain that Kristi's Baby Mod Olivia crib purchased at Walmart in the US, is worth the drive and border hassle. The savings allowed for splurging on an organic, Naturepedic mattress (Country Moose Kids) and the Monte "Luca" glider, which as I mentioned in my Top 5 Modern Rockers post, I wish I bought...

For the rest of the room, Kristi and Matt deployed their stellar sense of creative saving:

  • The 'two-toned' IKEA Malm dresser is in fact a combo of a brown-coloured base and white drawers form a second dresser. They had the two dressers -- brown and white -- and had the ingenious idea of switching the drawers for the coveted two-toned look. POINT!

  • The window 'bench' is IKEA's Expedit book shelf placed horizontally (vertical white shelf also IKEA).

  • Kristi made the bedding herself using the Alexander Henry 2D Zoo fabric and purchased padding -- POINT for sewing sheets (who does that anymore?)

  • The lampshade/floor lamp are from Rona, which Kristi got on clearance. Using her favourite fabric she covered the lamp shade using Scotch Quick Dry adhesive (she couldn't find her glue gun.) In retrospect, using a glue gun would have been less messy, and a straight rather than a tapered shade would have been easier to cover. POINT for exposing a shameless obsession with Alexander Henry 2D Zoo fabric!

Total cost: the room rang in at approx. $2500, including furniture, lighting, fabrics, frames, wall decal, curtains, wall letters etc.

Any regrets?

Kristi: No regrets, I love how the room turned out! I just want to replace or paint the light-coloured night stand beside the dresser with one that matches the rest of the room (I already had that one). I am also waiting for my mom to modify some white curtains I bought. She's going to add a wide strip of the Zoo fabric to the bottoms.

Are you inspired? What's your favourite part?

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