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Quiz Answer: Colin and Justin Did Not Design THIS Room!

Posted by Guest Author Wednesday, October 20, 2010 4:37 PM EST


Ok, I feel bad now. I was such an effective trickster with this week's quiz that I fear only two of you emailed me the correct answer!  I worked for it though -- if it means anything to you, I spent all day searching for the perfect photographs to throw you off the trail.

To the question: Which of the three posted interiors was not designed by our beloved Scotsmen, the answer is....A!

This room is the 'teenager' room in a model home in Brantford, ON, and was designed by Andrew Pike of the upcoming original series, Model Home Showdown, premiering tomorrow!  We're super excited.

But I digress.  Only 22% of you guessed A, about the same as those who guessed B.  A whopping 57% erroneously guessed C, taken from Colin & Justin's Home Heist, Season 1, and I can certainly see why -- that's a pretty granny-esque sitting room, only one step away from plastic covering the seat cushions. I mean, if C&J were to walk into a home that looked like that, they'd most likely pinch their noses and undress the home owner with a shower of creative put-downs.  I knew that was going to be the ticket when I found it.  Sorry.  

Here are a few more photos from this episode -- do these change your opinion of the space at all?

Anywho, congratulations to the two gals who know their Colin and Justin best!  Suzan H. of Tottenham, ON, and Michele L., of Toronto, ON.

I may take it easier on you guys next time. Got us a lot of swag to give away...

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