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Question of the Week: The Two-Christmas-Trees Trend -- Are You Buying It?

Posted by Guest Author Monday, December 12, 2011 3:17 PM EDT


Every year around this time we lifestyle writers wrack our brains over how to make everything old, new again. Delighting folks with fresh, new decorating ideas, year after year, is no easy task. Oh we love it well enough, but we worry -- can we pull it off again? The public is getting more and more decor savvy!


Which is why I am somewhat incredulous that a recent trend, no doubt a result of some lifestyle professional much like myself, wracking their brain in search of something new, hasn't inspired more of a reaction from you savvy folk.

The trend I speak of is the double Christmas tree. Instead of the traditional, singular focal point of your Christmas decor, certain retailers are advocating two. Two trees. The justification? You have too many ornaments that you can't bear to put back in the box for lack of space on the tree; you have a big family; you have a fireplace that demands flanking, because symmetry must be maintained at all times, and so on. Lest you think me daft, I am not the only one to have noticed this, as The Globe & Mail ran a story on it just the other day.    

Now, I myself don't usually put up a tree, so I can't in good conscience call BS on any of the above -- but can you?  Is there really a need for two trees? Is this a common Christmas practice? Perhaps I don't have access to the kind of love one can feel for an ornament?  

Where do you stand on the double tree?

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