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Question of the Week: Royal Wedding Purple -- Would You Do It?

Posted by Guest Author Tuesday, April 5, 2011 3:18 PM EST


Since it's Royal Wedding April -- congrats Wills and Kate! -- the colour purple is basking in renewed attention.  Not an easy one to tackle in the realm of decor, especially since we've been steered toward white-washed, sun-bleached and natural everything, as trendy decor magazines drain of colour.


Well there's a place where trends are not welcome, a place where time-honoured tradition rules with a velvet grip, where purple enjoys a rightful and meaningful place within the fold. That place, you may have guessed, is the English Royal Court, which has a long-standing relationship with the colour purple. Historically, purple was the rarest and most expensive of the dyes and hence only worn by Royals. 

PARA paints: Fashion Girl (P5194-63); Flamboyant (P5191-63); Garden Plum (P5096-85)

Royal Wedding enthusiasts are ablaze with speculation on how, if at all, purple will make its appearance in the Royal ceremony, though what actually really happens doesn't matter: the flames of purple have already been fanned. Advice for purple weddings abounds, style advisers are working in purple attire and home decor businesses are releasing purple accessories. PARA Paints has crowned purple its colour of the year, and are offering Fashion Girl, Flamboyant and Garden Plum in a tribute to April 29th, the day of the Royal I Do's.

I'm a fan of the purple and gray combo for interiors, and tasteful mauve accents in a wedding palette, but am curious as to how far this purple craze will go...

Are you into it? Would you do a purple wedding? Will purple be making a ceremonious appearance in your decor?

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