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Question of the Week: My Mom Gets A+ For Style, And Yours?

Posted by Guest Author Monday, May 3, 2010 2:59 PM EST



Left: Elana's mom's console; right: Lizzie Bailey's console via Lonny magazine

Mom Style is a phenomenon.  It is.  I'm sure some of you are tisk-tisking right now for my brazenly broaching this subject, but as Spring Kick-Off moves on with the end of April, May is the harbinger of Mom Month here on Style Sheet.  And so I begin with a look at how moms decorate (don't worry, dads will get theirs in June -- Dad Month.)

I don't care what anyone says (if I had a cent for every time I began a post with that), there is something about moms and decorating that conjures up images of pepto bismol pink, themed borders, matching upholstery (I mean everywhere), and cats.  Clichés you say? My mother-in-law hits all points on the list (I'm soooo in trouble.) 

Perhaps it's that having children inevitably brings on nesting impulses, stunting and skewing the development of a woman's sense of style, I don't know.  But moms, especially the moms of my mom's generation and previously (I'm 32) tend to reach for the guileless whimsy of themes and kookiness, or the antiseptic order of extreme matching, or the grandeur of extravagant decades gone by, and not in a good way. 

Here's the thing though: my mom is cool.  Yes, against all odds, my mother escaped the trappings of middle-class domesticity, and along with the times, continued to grow in sophistication. 

To prove it to you, I offer you the above.  Right: a photo of my mother's vintage console bought at a garage sale and a 1950s mirror she bought at Value Village (my favourite haunt.); left: a photo of New Yorker and Antiquarian Lizzie Bailey's vintage console, with a print displaying a border in the exact same ribbed gold as my mother's mirror.  (The photo of Lizzie Bailey's console is from the third issue of Lonny magazine, an online magazine that's really a spiritual reincarnation of Conde Nast's late Domino magazine.  We'll be reviewing it later this month, so stay tuned!)

Best part is: it's a complete coincidence!  Mom put that ensemble together in the suburbs of Toronto, and a savvy New Yorker featured in a cool new magazine had the exact same notion!  A+ I say! 

How does your mom score in the design department? Is she a victim of peach walls and mint green broadloom?  There's a border or two hiding somewhere in her quarters, no?


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