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Alicia Cox Thomson is a digital media consultant and PR professional with a passion for all things pretty and creative. Some of her favourites include the city of Barcelona, costume designer Edith Head, butcher block countertops and the colour orange.

Question of the Week: How Much Say Should Kids Have in Decorating Their Rooms?

Posted by Alicia Cox Thomson Monday, July 27, 2009 3:39 PM EDT


Photo by Stacey Brandford, from Sarah's House season 2 

First off, I don't have any children so this is a curiosity-based question of the week. Growing up, I remember choosing colours for my room around age 8 or 9 -- pastel-plaid wallpaper, heavy on the peach and green (it was the '80s after all) -- but I also wasn't allowed to pin up posters willy-nilly 'til I was a teenager. The only things on my walls were framed certificates and awards from various academic and performance achievements. (I guess my parents thought it was good encouragement?)

So my question for all you parents out there is this: How Much Say Do Your Kids Have In Decorating Their Rooms? I'm talking school-age kids, not teens or toddlers. Old enough to have their own likes and dislikes, young enough that they still abide by your rules.

Was there a redecorating transition period from nursery to big kid's room? Or did you go the route of decorating so that your kids could grow into it?

Leave your answers in the comments below!

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