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Question of the Week: Have You Picked Furniture Out Of the Garbage? Look What I Found!

Posted by Guest Author Monday, May 31, 2010 8:05 AM EDT



So I'm jogging (HATE IT) through my neighbourhood, and from afar I spot a chair that's been kicked to curb.  As I approach I've already made up my mind that I am taking it home and begin to look greedily about for other scavengers who might poach my find -- I was only just starting my route you see, and if I chose to finish it, the chair may not be there when I return.


I choose to jog on (HATE IT).  I complete my route faster than usual and run straight for my truck, keys in hand. Sweaty and crazed I hightail it over to where I saw the chair and alas, am rewarded: the chair is still there!  And save for an unspeakable cushion (which I left and will have fun replacing) and a broken spindle, it's in great shape!

Why am I soooo extra excited about an old chair? Because if you remember, I posted a shoestring makeover of my porch, which is currently adorned with two very similar chairs!  The nicer one I bought at a garage sale for $40 but the smaller, lighter one I also picked out of the trash. Though they are similar, it always bothered me that they were not similar enough. My new find happens to be virtually identical to the larger chair, and I can take the little one to the backyard. 

Symmetry has been restored!

I must admit though, it never ceases to embarrass me (my neighbourhood is a giver, I pick up a lot of stuff).  I've taken to dawning a force field of denial around me, hoping that if I just hold my head high while I stuff garbage into my car, no one will question it. In reality however, it looks more like a shameful grab-and-run.

Do you do this?  Are you against this?  Have you found anything good you want to share?

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As an aside, check out this super cute blog/ode to the curbside chair: A Safe Place for Chairs

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