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Krystal D'Souza is a Toronto based writer, a DIY addict and a lover of all things design. To learn more about Krystal, visit and check her out on Instagram.

Photo Gallery Walls: Yae or Nay?

Posted by Krystal DSouza Tuesday, March 11, 2014 4:24 PM EST


When it comes to decor, everyone’s taste is a little different, but there’s one decor trend that seems to be popping up everywhere: gallery walls.



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Gallery walls are created with frames in a variety of shapes and sizes, all clustered on a wall in a grid or pieced together like a puzzle. Depending on the frames you use, the end result can be sleek and modern, traditional, or even have a vintage feel.


I am a huge fan of gallery walls. They add a creative aspect to homes that’s hard to achieve with a single portrait, but I’ll admit, it’s a lot easier to hang one frame rather than a dozen!


I’m dying to know: do you or don’t you love gallery walls? Are you a single portrait kind of person, or would you prefer a gorgeous cluster of prints? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Topics: Decorating, Decor, Photos, Gallery Walls


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