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Sara Starkman is a lifestyle writer, poet and artist from Toronto.

How to Warm Up a Fire Pit

Posted by Sara Starkman Saturday, February 16, 2013 9:00 AM EST


Once December arrives, it’s rare to see people spending time in their backyards (except for the occasional snow angel making contest). However, winter can be every bit as good a season for enjoying the outdoors as summer — so long as you have a nice warm fire pit…and an arsenal of thermal accessories.



Outdoor fire pit via Simo Design


Circular fire pits create a warm and welcoming ambience for marshmallow roasting and nursing well-deserved glasses of wine. Simply surround the fire with a set of comfortable chairs, plush accent cushions and soft throws to maximize snuggle time. Candles and lanterns can be useful for those extra chilly evenings, and when all the ghost stories have been told, outdoor speakers are perfect for a bit of background music. So this year, if you’re not sure what to do to stay snug on Family Day, consider spending it outside!




1. Wicker Patio Loveseat, $211. 2. Hampton Fire Bowl, $268. 3. Outdoor Pillows, $52-65. 4. Lolita Throw, $39. 5. Carriage Lantern, $298. 6. Marshmallow Roaster, $8. 7. Rock Outdoor Speakers, $250.

Topics: Outdoor, Fireplace, Kids


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