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New Luxury Bathroom Technology

Posted by Adena Leigh Tuesday, June 25, 2013 4:18 PM EST


Although contemporary bathrooms are stuck in the 19th Century (with the exception of heated hair tools), these Jetsons-approved gizmos will spring your bathroom into the future.


From a techie toothbrush to splash-proof TVs, we’ve found the most splurge-worthy gadgets to make your time in the loo a lot more luxurious. Round up the extra power sockets because you’re about to get plugged in.



Hydra Proof Television Hydra-Proof Television

Ever wish you could get a glimpse of the day’s news in your morning shower? Now you can with the Seura Hydra Waterproof Television. We won’t judge if you just use it to catch up on your favourite shows over long hot bubble baths.


Seura Hydra Waterproof Television








Heated Towel Rack Heated Towel Rack

This nonessential frill will ease the pain of leaving a hot shower. These heated towel racks will warm your typically cold terry cloths, making for a cozy exit strategy.


Warmrails Hyde Park Heated Towel Rack, $127.









Beam Brush Beam Brush

Way more advanced than an electric toothbrush, the Beam Brush monitors your brushing habits and reports them to your smart phone. This clever app keeps a timer while you’re brushing your teeth, helping you brush for the recommended two minutes. Plus, it plays your favourite song to cheer you along. If this is any indication, there really is an app for everything!


Beam Brush, $50







Withings Smart Body Analyzer Withings Smart Body Analyzer

If the terrifying number that shows up on your scale isn’t motivation enough, the Withings Smart Body Analyzer helps you shed the pounds by tracking heart rate, measuring body composition and helping you set weight goals. And for the cherry on top, it even offers up relevant weight-loss tips.


Withings Smart Body Analyzer, $150.







Heated Toilet Seat Heated Toilet Seat

Is there anything more clenching than a cold clammy toilet seat? The Ultra Touch heated toilet seat stays 20 – 25 degrees above room temperature, resulting in a very happy bottom. Plus, it’s treated with an antimicrobial agent that prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi, molds and mildew (which would make your purchase totally justifiable).


Ultra Touch Heated Toilet Seat, $150.







Lux Eco Showerhead Lux Eco Showerhead

This digital showerhead by Levaqua allows you to select from 9 different settings. Conserve water or choose from two different spa settings designed to help you relax or energize. Sounds like this good-willed gizmo is beneficial to your conscience and your well being.


Levaqua Eco Showerhead, $60.








Splash Proof Speaker Splash-Proof Speaker

Thanks to this Phillips splash-proof speaker system, you can enjoy your favourite playlist in the shower without the muffled sound of splashing water. It streams music from your Bluetooth, so choose your jam and let the singing in the shower begin!


Philips Wireless Portable Speaker, $180.









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