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The One Colour to Avoid in 2016

Posted by Brent Furdyk Wednesday, January 27, 2016 8:46 AM EST


Colour can be a very individual thing when it comes to home decor. While the same deep, royal blue that’s all the rage these days may make some cringe, the beige neutrality that some designers swear by can be seen as boring and pedestrian by those who’d rather funk it up with bold colours.


neon slime lime


There is a single thing upon which a panel of 270 fabric designers in 15 different countries did agree on, however, and that’s the one colour that you must avoid at all costs in 2016: Neon Slime Lime. Or at least that’s the name this horrible hue has been given after these designers offered their opinions when asked to identify the single most unfashionable and “off-colour” trend as we enter 2016, as commissioned by custom fabric and wallpaper website


Garish and Retina-Searing

Described as both “garish” and “retina-searing,” this fluorescent green is derided as the worst decor colour of this year — and quite possibly every year.


“If people today are seeking serenity and a chance to de-stress, this colour won’t provide it," says Spoonflower senior designer Robin Szypulski. “It’s more likely to make them wince, cringe or want to hide in a dark room.”


“Neon Slime Lime is too bright, too energetic to meet society's craving for order and calm,” agrees Julia Monroe, a fabric designer from Raleigh, North Carolina.


While the annual announcement of the “Colour of the Year” is an annual tradition in the world of design in order to guide designers, Spoonflower decided it was important to determine which colour top designers would only use at gunpoint.


Off-Trend, Unfashionable and Out of Tune

“We wanted to find the opposite — the colour likely to be most off-trend, unfashionable and out of tune with the mood of the times,” adds Szypulski. “So we asked people who know about colours and colour trends as part of what they do.”


Known formally by its colour designation on the international Hex system (commonly used by designers) as #00FF00, Spoonflower fabric designer Kim Niles came up with the moniker of this year’s colour winner (or, depending on how you look at it, loser) as Neon Slime Lime, although other suggestions included “Screaming Leprechaun Green” and “Blinding Radioactive Lime.”


“It Just Hurts”

In their submissions, designers expressed their disgust with the hideous hue.


“Day. Night. Sober. Hungover… it just hurts,” said Australian designer Victoria Casson.


“Green is the colour of nature,” said Ruth Robson of Cambridgeshire, U.K. “But this green is so unnatural it just screams, ‘Run away!’”


“Neon green can only be worn by elves, gnomes and maybe a fairy attending a music festival in a swamp,” adds California designer Virginia Odien.


“Of all the colours in the spectrum,” adds Spoonflower’s Sxypulski, “Neon Slime Lime is the one to exclude from ALL your designs this year.”


Image courtesy of Mark Taylor Cunningham/D Sharon Pruitt

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