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Mormons Canvass Home; Give Back by Gardening

Posted by Guest Author Monday, July 28, 2014 12:18 PM EST



Image courtesy of puppiesmakemelol via


By Alexandra Voyage


A reddit user recently snapped this picture of Mormon missionaries helping her mom tend to her growing plants. The obliging duo was going door-to-door when they picked up some garden tools and got to work in this homely back yard. “They were very nice,” adds the original poster. “They also insisted that their shoes, which we might call our ‘Sunday best’, were their working shoes.”


Several people have commented on the picture saying that they’ve repeatedly had Mormon visitors ask if there is anything they are able to help with, often using that time to chat about anything from sports to shopping.


One person adds “The Mormons came to visit my dad once. When they asked if he needed help with anything he said he was busy making breakfast... So my mom came home to my dad and the Mormons in the kitchen making pancakes.”


Another cheeky commenter says from now on they’re going “to put off my landscaping until I see Mormons in the neighborhood.”


This is commendably fair of the Mormons, wouldn't you say? While we don’t recommend letting the chores pile up until a missionary comes knocking, it's good to know they no longer expect your time for free!

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