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Mood Board: How to Arrange Flea Market Finds

Posted by Emma Reddington Tuesday, October 30, 2012 10:20 AM EST




Shelf of unique finds via Trevor Tondro for The New York Times


While some people like to head to pumpkin patches or leaf gazing on a crisp Autumn weekend, my favourite place to visit is a flea market or vintage store. Sometimes I go with a list of objects in mind (antique mirrors, wooden spools, silver cutlery), and other times I just like to wander. Decorating your home with vintage treasures can be very rewarding. Most of the time the objects you find will be one of a kind and will add character and personality to your home in a way that something that has been mass produced cannot.


There are many different ways to decorate with flea market finds, and much of it will depend on your style and what you like to collect. While there are no definitive rules, grouping similar objects together often makes the biggest impact. Think of a wall of vintage mirrors or a shelf of white pottery -- the effect can be quite stunning.


The mood board above illustrates one of the ways you could decorate with flea market finds. If your taste runs more towards objects with a natural or organic nature (think found seashells, rocks, pottery, wooden spools), then you want to complement those accessories with furniture that is copacetic. Textured Belgian linen on a sofa in a neutral shade will let your objects take centre stage. Likewise, any surfaces like coffee or console tables could be made out of rough reclaimed wood. An accent chair in a ticking stripe with a hit of black will help anchor the room and provide a bit of visual interest. Your flea market finds could be displayed on open shelving or grouped together in shadow boxes and hung on the wall. Once you get a taste of the hunt, it can be hard to stop collecting items so make sure you leave room for future finds!


Is there anything in particular you collect? Do you have a special way of displaying it?



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