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Heather Cameron is a prop stylist and lifestyle story producer from Vancouver, BC. Currently Heather resides on a blueberry farm, where she produces stories on all things charmed and country.

Modern Country: Pom Pom Birthday Party

Posted by Heather Cameron Thursday, May 6, 2010 2:34 PM EST


What does a magazine stylist in the country do with a lot of time on her hands and stacks of tissue paper??? She goes crazy for her daughters second birthday. 


pom pom party 

pom pom party Enter the tissue paper pom pom.  My palette: citrus with splashes of pink.  I love that cheap bunches of coloured tissue can become dreamy floating pom poms.  If you are tight on pennies, and boy, tell me who isn't, this is an awesome way to dazzle your guests. You can make them as big or small as you like. For about $2 each, these big boys I made filled the room.

This entire party started with stacks of tissue paper — the colours are up to you. Mine were big. I used about eight sheets of 20” x 30” tissue for each one, folded each accordion-style and used a piece of florist’s wire around the centre. I cut the ends into points and gently unfolded to create giant pom poms. Some were one colour others were a mix. I hung them with fishing wire and tape from the ceiling.

I added my homemade lady bug cakes and placed them all over the table.  It looked like an invasion.  Cut the top off a cupcake, cut it in half - those are the wings.  Ice your wings the put a dob of icing on the stump and stick the wings to it.  Licorice string makes great antennae, and ju-jubes are a tasty bug head!  Granny's old style wafer cookies had to come to the soiree too.  Let's face it, they're just good.

pom pom party
A roll of hot pink wrapping paper doubled as my table cloth.  I also picked up some velum sheets from a paper store and wrapped vases in more citrus shades.  I made mini pom pom flowers for the table and the kids loved them.  I bought tangerines and oranges and filled two large vases .


All in all, a very successful second birthday! Truth be told, I still have some hanging in my office.  They just make me happy!

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