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Modern Country: Customized Paper Lanterns

Posted by Guest Blogger Thursday, July 1, 2010 4:23 PM EST


Plain paper lanterns are everywhere. Make yours original with some quick and easy adornments. I have several balls of yarn -- don't you? If not, pick some up in your favourite shades at the craft store. While you're there, grab some stickers — whatever catches your fancy; birds, flowers, words. Picking out the stickers will be the most time consuming part of this project!


A dab of hot glue will hold your yarn in place. Brush on some white glue in a circle, and just go around and around with your yarn. Make some big, some small — it's up to you. The first one may make you curse a bit, but then, you will get it. Do your yarn swirls first, then dot on your stickers.


Sadly, I live in Vancouver where it's the summer of non-stop rain and I had a deadline to meet for this story, sigh, so I could not do a lovely table setting with dangling lanterns, fresh lemonade and stunning florals. Then you would have really said, "OHHH!".

So, until it stops, I have hung my lantern next to the beautiful image I was given by my friend Janis Nicolay. Aren't they a pair!?


Heather Cameron

Written by our country blogger Heather Cameron, Stylist



Topics: Crafts, DIY, Summer


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