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Makeover: My Baby's 'Big Girl' Bedroom Revealed!

Posted by Mia Rodak, Website Manager Wednesday, August 31, 2011 9:43 AM EST


It was just over three months ago that I posted this sneak peek at my daughter Anabella’s newly renovated but still very empty ‘big girl bedroom’. Take a look back at that post to see the ‘before renovation' photos, the ‘after renovation’ photos and the mood board I used to help me design the room.

Now, just as Kids’ Rooms Month draws to a close, I’m finally ready to reveal the room. Full disclosure: by ‘ready to reveal’ I don't mean entirely finished. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the process of decorating my new(ish) house, it’s that it’s never really finished. You know how they say Rome wasn’t built in a day? Yeah. That.

Bed: Minnen, Ikea; Sheepskin rug, West Elm; Chandelier, Canadian Tire

On my mood board I had a beautiful Sharon Montrose print of a pink flamingo. I knew at the time it was beyond my budget in the large size I wanted. But I had my heart set on a flamingo (I like to put a bird on it) and when I saw this post from Aubrey + Lindsay’s Little House Blog it was love at first sight for the American Flamingo print by John James Audubon and I; a perfect substitute at the perfect price point. A quick read through Lindsay’s post revealed a connection to our own Sarah Richardson and that was sign enough for me. I ordered the print that day.

Multicoloured pillow,
Homesense; Pink and white bedding, Olivia by DwellStudio for Target, Cowgirl bedding, DwellStudio

My favourite part of the room is the little built-in reading nook. This space used to be the closet in my master bedroom, but we had it sealed off on our side and opened up on hers so she could have some display shelving and a sweet little space to cozy up in with her toys and books. Don’t you just want to crawl in there?

The paper lanterns or “bubbles” as Bella calls them, give off the prettiest colourful glow when the table lamp below them is on.

Sheepskin throw, Ikea; Pillows, Urban Outfitters; Petal Hooks, Anthropologie

Roman blind fabric: Tempo Salsa, Tonic Living

The colour palette of the room was inspired by the fabric of the roman blind (which I had custom made at Tonic Living). I am in love with the pattern. It's youthful and fun, and though it’s predominantly pink, other brights like orange and green open up for less babyish decorating possibilities.

Maple mid-century modern side table, Craig's List; Toy hamper: Lovell Designs, Kol Kid

Originally I wanted to do the entire room in my favourite style – mid-century modern. As it turns out, the side table is the only nod to mid-mod in the room, but it shines! I adore the cute shape and think it’s a perfect foil for the more feminine details like the iron bed, chandelier and girlie dresser from the 1940s.

Dresser, Craig's List

Speaking of the dresser, it’s one of the still unfinished elements in the room. I intend on painting it and changing the hardware. I’m leaning towards pink!

Print from Kate Thomas' littlethingsstudio Etsy store; piggy bank from Tiffany & Co; teddy bear with Mia on her dress, mine!

My stepfather made this display shelf for Bella's nursery and it’s one of the few carryovers left in the ‘big girl’ room. Each of the dresses has a special meaning; the dress on the left was a gift from my colleagues, in the center is the dress she wore on her first birthday and the dress on the right is the first dress she ever wore.

Butterfly lamp, Pottery Barn Kids; Shelving unit: Expedit, Ikea; Shelf inserts, Ikea

While I wanted lots of surfaces to display her pretty dresses and keepsakes, storage is always a looming concern. Not a fan of clutter. This little four-cube shelving unit holds an amazing amount of toys, books and toiletries.

Mirror, upcycled; Hooks,
Chatelet Kids; Umbrella, Kol Kid

One of my daughter’s favourite pastimes is digging through her tickle chest and playing dress up. We hung her mirror at her level so she can check herself out in all of her imaginative disguises. The sheepskin rug below is the perfect surface to spread out on with costumes and toys. It’s even comfy enough for naps. 

And there you have a glimpse into my girl's almost finished room. Please help me with the finishing touches! What colour should I paint the dresser and should I attempt it myself or send it out to be sprayed? Suggestions for hardware? Anything else missing from the room? 

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