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Living Room Decor for Decks

Posted by Rebecca Burstein, Jr. Editor Wednesday, May 15, 2013 11:46 AM EST


Yearning for a comfy outdoor spot to entertain guests? It only takes a few bright and cozy pieces to dress up a deck.



Outdoor furniture via West Elm


First, lay down a large rug to create a relaxing corner. This will help guests feel like they’re entering a totally new room, even if it only takes up one side of the deck. Add a super soft couch or spread plush cushions across an existing bench, and toss in multiple pillows to start snuggling. Choose an outdoor lamp sure to make a statement, and fill a fun coffee table with drinks and snacks. Place fresh flowers in gorgeous vases around the area, and if you’d like more decor, don’t shy away from bringing the indoors out.


With a soft and sunny colour scheme (grey and yellow, as seen above, or grey and blue, below) that backyard patio will feel more like a living room long before summer rolls around.



1. Loveseat, $649. 2. Outdoor Pillow, $38. 3. Decanter, $48. 4. Steel Lantern, $38. 5. Coffee Table, $339. 6. Outdoor Rug, $63-445. 7. Stone Planters, $212-318.

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