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3 Cheers for Liquor Cabinets

Posted by Paul Beer Thursday, January 31, 2013 9:00 AM EST



I have reached the point in my life where people bring me booze. They know I have an interest in drinks and spirits and will bring me uncommon bottles they come across. A friend visiting from Japan recently brought me a bottle of Shōchū (a Japanese liquor made from barley) and others know I’m always on the hunt for some new bourbon or rye. This is not a terrible problem to have, of course, except you have to house all those bottles somewhere. Enter the liquor cabinet.


Purpose Built
There are many ready-made cabinets available at places such as Crate and Barrel that feature spots for wine bottles, glasses as well as a handy top surface for mixing drinks. Plus, the fold-away ones allow you to dramatically swing them open when it’s cocktail time, eliciting, I can only imagine, applause. Then there’s the delightful existence of the globe liquor cabinet, which has an entire website devoted to it (ah, the internet). The globe liquor cabinet is perfect for both making and toasting your world domination plans.


Bar Cart
For a little bit of space-conscious Mad Men cool, bar carts are a good option. Smaller and more portable than a piece of furniture, a bar cart allows you to have a few of your favourite tipples handy without dominating a room. Again, places like Crate and Barrel sell them new, but quirky vintage ones can always be found online and at shops such as BYOB Cocktail Emporium.


Here’s where your creativity/desperation come in handy. Virtually anything containing bottles of liquor becomes a liquor cabinet. I keep my bottles in an old barrister bookshelf that belonged to my grandfather. Some of the better ones I’ve come across are this old suitcase mounted on casters with a glass front, and these vintage TV sets given new life.


What do you keep your hooch in? Let me know in the comments.

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