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Guest Author

Kitchens of the Future: 15 Hot New Trends

Posted by Guest Author Wednesday, January 8, 2014 9:44 AM EST


Thinking of renovating your kitchen? DO NOT PASS GO until you read the following.

While everyone has their style preferences, educated choices are key when it comes to mounting a reno that will stand the test of time. Good craftsmanship is one thing, but style is in the details: backsplash, countertop materials, cabinet proportions, island finishes and drawer pulls, all set the style of your kitchen, and are all decisions that can easily overwhelm without guidance.

Here, a roadmap to kitchens of the future. Take from it what you will, just don’t say we didn’t tell you :)





  1. Solid Backsplashes
  2. Wrapped islands
  3. Stainless everything is back
  4. Stainless kickboards
  5. Blond wood
  6. Mixing materials
  7. Artful open storage
  8. Artful organizing
  9. No upper cabinetry
  10. Short cabinets
  11. Double everything (sinks, ovens, dishwashers)
  12. Angular shapes
  13. Thin profile countertops – no overhang
  14. Hidden pulls
  15. Recycled paper countertops

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