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Inspired by Summer Home: Bunkie Makeover from a Reader!

Posted by Guest Author Tuesday, June 7, 2011 9:42 PM EDT


Only one episode in and we've already got people sharing their cottage makeover stories! HGTV's new show Summer Home premiered this past Friday and again Sunday at 9 pm ET to rave reviews. Host Karen Sealy makes over a bunkie for a family who obviously loves their cottage, and during the reveal there was not a dry eye in the office! Seriously, it's some of the most 'moving' design the team have ever watched... (see what I did there?)

Well we weren't the only ones to have been moved! (Cottages are the heart of many a family, so we shouldn't be so surprised.) Shelley from Burlington, ON, caught the show this weekend and while entering our giveaway for the Sealy Design gift bag, decided to send us photos of her own bunkie makeover!  You know nothing makes us happier.

Though Shelley confesses the makeover long predates Sunday's episode of Summer Home, we think Shelley did a fabulous job just the same and we're sure Karen would have been impressed!

Shelley's bunkie before (left) and after (right).

Shelley's bunkie, after

Shelley's bunkie, before

Things to learn from Shelley's bunkie makeover:

  • White-washing exposed wood keeps the cottage feel, while instantly brightening up the space
  • Don't shy away from a little cottage glam! Incorporate traditional decor items such as a chandelier
  • Quilts are a staple and a great way to bring in some colour -- don't fret over matching and perfection, instead look for items that show off your unique family charm
Enjoy your bunkie Shelley! And happy summer everyone.

Got a makeover of your own that you're dying to share? Send us some photos! Email stylesheetAThgtvDOTca or get in touch via our Facebook page, Twitter (@hgtvcanada) and Flickr group!



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