Heidi Rittenhouse Pyper

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Heidi Rittenhouse Pyper

Heidi Pyper is a Toronto-based lifestyle blogger and one of the founding contributors to the popular Sweet Potato Chronicles blog.

How People are Beating the Winter Blues

Posted by Heidi Rittenhouse Pyper Wednesday, January 22, 2014 11:08 AM EST


Image courtesy of Mother Earth Living


It’s in the deepest darkest of January that I miss the colour green most. The Christmas tree and decorations are packed away and everything seems a little less Winter Wonderland and a little more I-think-I-need-Vitamin-D.


The magic of the first snow has lost its luster, the skies are grey, the temperatures seemingly permanently below zero.


All of which has me thinking about living walls. Have a look at these 17 examples of how to bring a little green inspiration – and a breath of fresh spring air –inside your home.

Topics: Living Walls, Green, Eco, Vertical Garden, Container Gardening, Indoor Plants, Health, Winter


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