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Guilty Splurge vs Steal: Popular Modern Convertible Crib For Less!

Posted by Guest Author Tuesday, August 9, 2011 10:33 AM EST


I recently saw this crib in a friend's nursery. I recognized it because I had one just like it, and yet, it wasn't exactly the same. This unnerved me. When it was time to furnish my little girl's nursery four years ago, I went mental and thought I had compiled the complete works of modern cribs available in Canada -- did I miss one? How could this be?

The Baby Mod Olivia crib in my friend Kristi's baby room which will be featured in detail on Real People Reno this Thursday!

And then my friend confessed: it was from the States. American Walmart

Mine was the popular, convertible Oeuf Crib and Toddler bed, made of non-toxic recycled wood material, and all the conscious craftsmanship to appease even the most hormonal of expectant mothers. I had settled on the pricey Oeuf crib WHILE experiencing the onset of contractions, much to the nervous bewilderment of the sales person at Ella & Elliot -- my FAVE -- in Toronto. (True story. It was straight to the hospital from the store, to fill that crib with a newborn).

Baby Mod Olivia 3-in-1 crib; Oeuf Classic crib

I had purchased the Oeuf change table and convertible side rails along with it and until the beginning of her fourth year, my little bunny and I were happy to have the crib in our lives. No complaints. It held up its end of the bargain beautifully. (My little gal is a flailer and needed more space earlier than expected. Typically the converted toddler bed can last well into a child's fifth year.)

The Oeuf crib, the rails, the mattress and the change table rang in just under $1,700. Though it chokes me with uppity guilt, I must disclose that by comparison, Walmart's Baby Mod Olivia 3-in-1 crib is $299 USD. I shan't even broach debating each crib's respective merits, but that's a pretty sticky price difference.

And look! That fab woman behind bought the Baby Mod Olivia crib too! We just talked about this gorgeous baby room in our latest Top 5 Friday post.

Here's the thing though: the Olivia crib is not available in Canada and Walmart US doesn't ship to Canada. But Canadians driving to the States on a shopping expedition is by no means new, and now with our weighty Canadian dollar seems like an even better idea. My friend coordinated the purchase of her Baby Mod Olivia crib and several other large-ticket items with a leisure trip to the US, and I would say it was worth the price of gas.

Would you do it? 

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