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Gallery: Four Houses Canada, Episode 9

Posted by Guest Author Friday, October 26, 2012 6:02 PM EST


Good golly, what to say? Some extremely formidable contestants on last night’s episode of Four Houses Canada!



Abigail’s kitchen and tub


I’m sure I’m not alone in having been seduced by Abigail’s exposed tub in the kitchen!  I guess when you have boys you gotta hose them down at the earliest point of entry, before they go traipsing mud through the rest of the house. What a great idea in my opinion! Would you guys consider doing this, or am I the only one this excited?



Bill’s living room


I have to also admit that I have a soft spot for the commitment collector Bill – I definitely don’t see him in the ‘hoarder’ category – has to Art and the beat of his own drum. The man disarmed me with his passionate eye and love of artifacts. Though I’m not sure I would have him take the prize, I totally loved his house.



Liz’s bath and bedroom


Can’t say anything against Liz’s love of all things Victorian either. Though nothing really stood out for me except for her lovely bathroom… LOVE that tub.



Ron’s kitchen



Ron; Ron’s bedroom


Which brings me to our winner, Ron. Ron was fun to watch. And I understand why Ron won. His house is impeccably nurtured, scrubbed, primped and smothered in love. His house almost wills a victory. But it’s not really my style. Too perfect. Not at all in a negative way, I just can’t live like that.

So congrats to Ron and an admirable nod to the other three houses from Episode 9.


Shall we hear from our viewers?



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