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Gallery: Four Houses Canada, Episode 13

Posted by Tina Taus, Web Producer Friday, November 23, 2012 5:21 PM EST



Carmen’s Dining Room


This Four Houses Canada episode featured an interesting group of homes, and although they were all wanting top prize, it seems like friendships were made as well. Perhaps it was Carmen’s warm and inviting nature, combined with her warm and inviting home that helped earn her the winning spot. And, despite David’s intense love and knowledge of home design, I have to agree with the others in that his home felt like it had a bit too much of everything. No home, however, could have warranted more shock value than Laura’s jungle-gone-wrong decor.



Carmen’s Formal Living Room


Although Carmen describes her home as Classic Italian, I feel more like I walked into a home half stuck in Europe, half stuck in a mixture of traditional and dated design. But, I do love the bold print of the red couch in this living room and the warmth and character she has brought into her home design. And I cannot deny there is a romantic appeal with her rustic and European influences in some rooms like the kitchen and living room. I admit I am jealous of her second kitchen!



David’s Bedroom and Dining Room


I’m not surprised David’s home came in as the runner-up to Carmen’s. It definitely has the English Tudor look and feel he was going for. Is it me, or did you feel like you were watching an interior designer with David? He definitely knows his home decor styles, but perhaps has gone a touch overboard in his own home as some of the other contestants felt. That said, I love regal or imperial-inspired decor, so David’s home was truly after my monarchist heart and thus my favourite. Now I love lots of pillows, and yes I can see how 12 pillows on one bed appears a bit excessive, but to each their own!



Veronique’s Living Room and Informal Dining Table


Veronique described her home as “Mason Proper” meaning “clean house”, and that it is and ultra modern. I fully agreed with David’s comments about Veronique’s living room and how the column details in her living room space was like night and day from her choice of minimal and contemporary style. Her home is a style that appeals to me, in that I wish I could live like this. However, as we saw from the contestants who felt her home lacked character or personal touches, this style isn’t livable for me. I am, without a doubt, coveting her mid-mod inspired rusty red sofa. 



Laura’s Living Room and Bedroom


I don’t know what to say about Laura’s house… Unique? Yes. A “walk on the wild side” as she intended? No. She has 30,000 staples on the walls to hold up the vines… I can’t even fathom what the wall would be like if those were removed. I just don’t get it. But maybe I’m not supposed to.


These are just my opinions, so tell us: What did you think of the homes from episode 13?



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