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Gallery: Four Houses Canada, Episode 12

Posted by Guest Author Friday, November 16, 2012 5:12 PM EST


OMG Martin! Dubbed “Captain Details” by Mr. Narrator on last night’s episode of Four Houses Canada, the man who admitted to “believe it or not, never [having taken] a design course”, was none the less so incessantly full of reMARKS! Though his home came in second place, it scored top marks for gawkability. What a crazy pad! (p.s. what’s so great about a steam oven? Anyone out there got one?) 



Martin’s master bath


Chris…meh. Love the kitchen, but it would seem he blew his design efforts all in one spot because his modern square got more and more bare (and square) as we moved along.



Chris’s kitchen


And who actually admits to wanting one’s home to look like a model show home? Am I wrong or is “this house looks like a model show home” kind of a negative statement?


Natasha’s living and dining room


Natasha was frightfully guileless about her “I stole that from a design show” formula…


And now to the winner, Silvina. Normally I am partial to the vintage, antique and farmhouse aesthetic, but this was a bit more of a private vision to which I had little access.


Silvina’s great room


She’s quite the proficient illustrator but modern Trompe L’eulle and faux painted/finished walls and ceilings just KILL ME. But she seemed a lovely, free-spirited lady, and I wish her many more years of happiness at the cottage.


Who would I have voted for? I honestly don’t know. I guess it would have been between the top two contenders, but I simply can’t commit to either.


Shall we vote?



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