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Elana Safronsky, Managing Editor,

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Forgotten 1930s Beach House Appears in 2013, Miami

Posted by Elana Safronsky, Managing Editor, Friday, December 13, 2013 3:31 PM EDT




A forgotten award-winning design from the 1930s for an affordable, prefabricated beach cabin, has finally been built in 2013!  Conceived by French designer and architect, Charlotte Perriand (1903--1999), the amazingly modern cabin popped up in Miami Beach for Art Basel art fare, sponsored by luxury fashion house, Louis Vuitton.


Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton


Perriand designed the cabin in 1934, as a submission to a competition held by L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui magazine. It was intended to be an affordable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional vacation homes, and won second prize in the competition.


Perriand worked for iconic designer/architect, Le Corbusier, though she is often thought to be underappreciated as a member of the creative group credited with authoring the modern style. She spent ten years with Le Corbusier’s firm, during which she was a key collaborator on many iconic furniture designs. (See gallery for more!)


Presently, Charlotte Perriand is the inspiration behind Louis Vuitton's Summer 2014 collection.The fashion house’s creative team discovered the designs for "La Maison au Bord de l'Eau" -- "House by the Water" -- while looking through the Perriand archives, and set to bringing it to life with the help of Charlotte’s daughter, Pernette Perriand-Barsac.


The cabin was built just outside Milan, Italy, using iroko and okoume hardwoods with a stainless steel frame, and then transported to Miami, to reside on the sand outside the Raleigh Hotel, in South Beach.

Take a tour of Charlotte Perriand’s incredibly modern beach house.

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