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Flickr Round Up: DIY Bathrooms

Posted by Editorial Team Sunday, July 31, 2011 5:52 PM EST


With July coming to a close we bid adieu to bathrooms, but we couldn't leave without sharing some of the amazing renos that are taking place in our Flickr space. Perhaps our members were inspired by hosts like Genevieve Gorder and our producer Vanessa's bathroom makeover to take matters into their own hands.

Redecorate. Remodel.

On the left, kcmartin is almost finished a bathroom makeover with a personal sanctuary in mind using Crate & Barrel and IKEA items like a bookcase, wicker baskets, photo frames and towels. On the right, popsiedaisy just has to seal the subway tile, hang the towel bars and find something fancy to hang on the wall. Phew!

Piece By Piece

On the left, bathroom-improvement has incorporated a vessel mount bathroom sink to a fitted wooden slab -- it gives a real spa/steam room feel. On the right, kpwerker decided to follow the upcycling trend and hit a few antique stores to find this solid oak vanity. Her inner Sarah Richardson went to work on removing the curvy mirror, doing some creative plumbing to shift the sink toward the door so it appears less cramped. Way to go!


Now this is impressive -- an antique "grass" bathroom with hemp in the ceiling, smoked bamboo on the floors and a trendy pedestal tub. These Days in French Life will also be using lime milk paint to do an antique white wash on the ceiling.

Share your renos and remodels with us! Send us some photos to stylesheetAThgtvDOTca or join our Flickr Member Group and share!


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