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Sarah is a graphic designer, illustrator, crafter and blogger living in Halifax Nova Scotia with her fiancé, David. When not starting a new craft or home decor project she can be found in the kitchen attempting a new recipe, or at the beach.

DIY Spider-Filled Fountain

Posted by Sarah Jones Saturday, October 13, 2012 9:00 AM EST


DIY Spider Fountain-anchor


Turn your Halloween décor up a notch with this spooky fountain overflowing with spiders, snakes and any other creepy-crawly creatures imaginable!



  • Terra Cotta pots and plates in varying sizes: I chose 3 pots varying in size and 2 plates, one large and one small. These can be found at your local garden centre or home improvement store. And I will admit to stacking the pots in the aisle of the store to see how they looked together!
  • Black spray paint.
  • Old newspaper or garbage bags.
  • Crazy glue or heavy-duty hot glue gun.
  • Fake cobwebs, spiders, snakes and creatures.


DIY Spider Fountain-paint


Step 1: Fountain figure

Take a few minutes to stack your pots and plates in the order you’d like them to fit. If you think you might forget the order, use a pencil to write directly on the pot. Write on the inside of the pot though! We are about to paint the exteriors black.


DIY Spider Fountain-pots


Step 2: The dark side

In a well-ventilated area — outside is best! — spread your newspaper (or garbage bag) on the ground. Following the directions on your paint can, spray the pots. I did not cover the pots completely, allowing for a little bit of the terra cotta colour to peak through. Feel free to spray them completely black, though — it’s entirely to taste!


DIY Spider Fountain-painted pots


Step 3: Creepy-crawly invasion

When your pots (and plates) are completely dry, use your glue to adhere them to each other, in per order you decided on earlier. With the body of the sculpture complete, start adding the scary stuff by filling the fountain with fake cobwebs from the top down. (Basically: add cobwebs down the sides of the fountain, wrapping them around the base pot.)


DIY Spider Fountain-webs


Now, fill your fountain with spiders and other creatures. They should get tangled into the cobwebs and stay put, but if you’d like to add some glue to be double-sure, go ahead!


DIY Spider Fountain


I can’t wait to set up my scary spider fountain to greet trick-or-treaters this Halloween. I plan on setting it up near my front door and adding extra cobwebs to run down my exterior staircase.


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