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Heather Cameron is a prop stylist and lifestyle story producer from Vancouver, BC. Currently Heather resides on a blueberry farm, where she produces stories on all things charmed and country.

DIY Playroom Makeover (Plus Crafts!)

Posted by Heather Cameron Monday, January 21, 2013 2:00 PM EST




My daughter turned five this month, and to celebrate, we created her idea (and mine) of the dream playroom.


Her list of wants included:

A pink tent, a big place to draw, a table for her and her friends with crafts, felts and crayons, giant flowers so it felt like a fairy room, and a dress up station.


My list of wants included:

Storage bins for all her toys, a whiteboard because chalk is way to messy, somewhere to hang all her dress up gowns, a few forms of educational play, a play table that was easy to clean, and the best cupcake light in the world...and, did I mention, the whiteboard can be used as a movie screen with our projector that hooks up to the iPad!




Using whiteboard paint (found at Home Depot or Rona) I created a giant whiteboard and framed it with moulding so it looks like it's hanging. I painted a desk, with rounded corners, with the same whiteboard paint. They can doodle on both and it wipes off. I used an old broken ladder to create bins of storage for toys, as well as a place to hang her gowns and fairy dresses. A large basket underneath holds wings, wands and other dress up pieces.


My masterpiece is my giant cupcake paper light. It's just fun and the kids love it. I love it too.




I had found this fabric in Little India in Vancouver years ago. I finally found a place for it and created a dreamy little tented room. Inside are pretty paper lanterns. You can tie the sides up or let them hang down. I've attached them to the ceiling with large hooks that are secured in the studs. They could swing from that fabric...but I didn't tell her that! I may have had a swing or two when no one was looking.




The whiteboard coated table is covered with crafts - pipe cleaners, crayons, stickers, scissors - and in the corner, I hung a magnetic board with letters. She can practice her words and learn while having fun.


I had made giant tissue paper flowers for her birthday party, and they all found a home in the new playroom. Along with the cutest flying bee and a mushroom.




It's always about the details with me. Paper cups and a tiered caddy make the perfect crafting bin for the table.




Little butterflies add a fun and happy feel to the caddy, as do pipe cleaners for crafting, and cups of crayons for doodling.




The window sill worked as the perfect space for her large collection of tiny animals, people and ...various creatures from the mystic.


Want step-by-step instructions for each of the crafts? Click on the craft of your choice:

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