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Renee Elliott is a self-proclaimed fashion addict, food junkie and arts & craft nerd. She is the gal behind Re: Creative where she works on window displays, events and teaches craft classes.With an eye for detail, a love for DIY projects and a passion for creating, Renee is able to add her unique touch to any project.

DIY His & Hers Pillows

Posted by Renee Elliott Monday, August 12, 2013 9:00 AM EST




It’s time to stop arguing over the bed hogging in your home. Add some humour to your bedroom with these DIY his and her pillowcases!



  • Plain pillowcases
  • Fabric marker
  • Long pieces of cardboard
  • Iron






STEP 1: Wash and press the pillowcases so they are free of creases.


STEP 2: Lay out your pillowcases out on a flat surface so that they are smooth.


STEP 3: Place a piece of cardboard in each pillowcase under the area where you will be writing. This will prevent the marker from bleeding through the other side of the pillowcase.


STEP 4: Use the fabric marker to draw a line 1/3 of the one along one pillowcase. Draw two arrows on each end of the line. Carefully write out ‘Your Side’ in the middle of the line.


STEP 5: Draw a line on the other 2/3’s of the pillowcase and draw an arrow on the end closest to the previous line.


STEP 6: Take the other pillowcase and draw a line across the entire surface. Draw an arrow on the end that will be the furthest from the other pillow. Carefully write out ‘My Side’ along the middle of the line. Allow to dry for 24 hours.


STEP 7: Place a cloth over the pillowcases and put the iron on the setting best suited for the fabric of your pillowcase. Iron the area where the fabric marker was applied and distribute heat for 15 seconds.


STEP 8: Wash in cool water and hang to dry.


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