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Sarah is a graphic designer, illustrator, crafter and blogger living in Halifax Nova Scotia with her fiancé, David. When not starting a new craft or home decor project she can be found in the kitchen attempting a new recipe, or at the beach.

DIY Halloween Mummy Pots

Posted by Sarah Jones Friday, September 28, 2012 3:27 PM EST


Halloween brings out plenty of goblins, ghosts, witches and bats, and of course mummies! The following DIY project will show you how to make some fun, spooky mummy pots.


Mummy Pots-anchor



  • Terra cotta pot(s): These pots come in an endless amount of sizes. I’ve used one of the smaller ones that sits at 4" high.
  • Crêpe paper: A bit stronger than regular paper, crêpe paper has the textual feel of a party streamer.
  • Glue gun.
  • Scissors.
  • Two beads or 2 googly eyes.



STEP 1: Prep the paper for the pots


My crêpe paper came in a large sheet so, to get started, I cut out strips that were approximately 3" wide. This particular sheet was long enough that I needed only 2 strips to cover one pot.


STEP 2: Place the paper


Mummy Pots-wrap

Glue one end of the crêpe paper strip to the base of your terra cotta pot and start wrapping! If your strip runs out, simply glue the end of a new strip to the end of the other one — covering the seam by simply wrapping the strip over it, then continue wrapping upwards. By twisting the crêpe paper while I was wrapping it, I got an interesting “mummy-like” texture and look.


STEP 3: Place the peepers


Mummy Pots-eyes


I used beads to make the mummy eyes, but googly eyes would also do the trick. Adding hot glue to one side of the bead, I carefully lifted a section of the crêpe paper strip and glued the bead underneath it so that the top quarter was covered by the strip, giving the illusion of an eye lid. Glue your beads close together, far apart or one higher than the other — any way you do it, your mummies will come to life once this step is complete!


Mummy Pots


Have a Halloween themed party coming up? Fill these pots with treats to create a spooky candy bar! Looking for something to hold candy or pens at your desk this Halloween? Again, these mummy pots are perfect!



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