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8 Homemade Halloween Costumes

Posted by Adena Leigh Friday, October 18, 2013 8:53 AM EST


Who needs a costume store when your pantry is full of potential? These quick and clever ideas use household items to make creative last-minute Halloween costumes.




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Professional Baker

This costume is as easy as pie – slip on your kitchen apron and oven mitts, and carry around a wooden spoon. For the finishing touch, keep cookies in your pockets.


Toilet Paper Mummy

Treat toilet paper as ancient gauze and wrap it around your body to become a scary mummy. Leave open holes for your eyes and mouth and wear an all-white outfit underneath.


Bed Sheet Ghost

This one is an old classic. Cut holes in a white bed sheet for your eyes and mouth, and hang it on your head to become a ghostly (or friendly) spirit.


“A Reminder”

This clever costume is so easy to make. Here’s how to get it: write reminders and to-do lists on a bunch of Post-Its with a Sharpie and tape them onto your clothes. Now go remind yourself to make this costume!


Tin Foil Tin Man

Use this kitchen staple to create a simple Tin Man costume from The Wizard of Oz. Wrap the tin foil around your body and secure it with tape. Create the hat by molding tin foil into a cone shape that can be worn on your head.


Fortune Teller

No crystal ball necessary for this fun costume – just wrap a towel around your head like a turban and make a paper fortune teller with silly fortunes like “you will get a lot of candy tonight.” The kids will approve!


Picture of Dorian Gray

This one is for the guys – wear a suit (a three piece suit if possible) and make yourself look withered with makeup. For example, paint dark circles under your eyes and paint on a few wrinkles. Next, you’ll need to remove one of your less expensive pieces of art from its frame. Carry around the empty frame and don’t forget to hold it up in front of you, especially for pictures!


An Enchanted Garden

To transform into a gorgeous garden, gather faux flowers from around your house. Wear brown pants and a green top, carry around the faux flowers and paint a few petals on your cheeks with makeup.


For more inspiration, visit our Halloween guide.

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