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Sarah is a graphic designer, illustrator, crafter and blogger living in Halifax Nova Scotia with her fiancé, David. When not starting a new craft or home decor project she can be found in the kitchen attempting a new recipe, or at the beach.

DIY Halloween Cobweb Clusters

Posted by Sarah Jones Friday, September 28, 2012 3:30 PM EST


Cobweb Clusters-anchor


Halloween is such a fun time of the year for decorating. I love adding spooky decorations inside and outside of my home, and I am looking forward to adding these cobweb clusters to my collection of décor. They are incredibly easy and fun to make, so creating a few of them shouldn’t be a, ahem, d’haunting task (sorry — couldn’t resist).


Cobweb Clusters-materials



  • Polystyrene foam balls: Found at your local craft store. Use either all the same sizes, or various sizes — either works.
  • Fake Cobwebs.
  • Mod Podge (or, an easy-use, all-purpose, repositionable adhesive): Although I found that the fake cobwebs clung together quite well, adding a layer of Mod Podge provided an extra adhesive element.
  • Paintbrush: To apply the Mod Podge.
  • Plastic bugs: Spiders, flies or any creepy-crawly creature, really.



STEP 1: Prep the foam balls


Cobweb Clusters-glue


Use your paintbrush to cover the foam balls with a layer of mod podge. Your fingers might get a little sticky, but it will wash right off with soap and water.


STEP 2: Wrap the cobwebs and the creatures


Cobweb Clusters-creatures


Lightly pull apart a handful of the fake cobwebs and start wrapping the ball. When you’ve added a layer or two, start placing your plastic creepy crawlies on the ball and then add a layer of cobwebs on top.


Cobweb Clusters-wrap


The webbing will hold the creatures in place, also making it look like they’re trapped in the web. Continue wrapping the foam ball until you are happy with how it looks (I stopped at layer 5).


And… you’re done! It really is that easy.


Cobweb Clusters-finished


Not sure what to do with your cobweb clusters now that you’re done? Place them all in a decorative bowl to adorn your coffee table, or in a tall cylinder vase to create a spooky centrepiece. You could also attach them to a wreath or hang a cluster of them from a door frame.



Topics: Fall, Halloween, Cobwebs, Outdoor Decor, Porch, Spiders


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