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Renee Elliott is a self-proclaimed fashion addict, food junkie and arts & craft nerd. She is the gal behind Re: Creative where she works on window displays, events and teaches craft classes.With an eye for detail, a love for DIY projects and a passion for creating, Renee is able to add her unique touch to any project.

DIY: Gold Leaf Artwork

Posted by Renee Elliott Tuesday, March 18, 2014 3:52 PM EST


I love a touch of gold in any space so I combined my love of typography with gold leaf to create this one of a kind art piece. Gold leaf lends a delicate touch to artwork, and it’s a lot easier to work with than you’d think!





White card stock


Gold leaf

Gold leaf adhesive pen

Foam brush






STEP 1: Print out the phrase you would like in a thick font.


STEP 2: Lay the white card stock on top of the print out and trace the words lightly with a pencil.


STEP 3: Apply a very thin coat of the gold leaf adhesive over the pencil marks and filling in your letters. Wherever you apply the adhesive is where the gold leaf will stick. Follow the instructions on your adhesive for the amount of time you need to allow it to sit. Mine sat for five minutes.


STEP 4: Pick up the gold leaf from the paper backing side and apply it gold leaf side face down onto the canvas where you applied the adhesive. Use a clean and foam brush to help it stick. Brush off any excess gold leaf.


STEP 5: Repeat steps three and four until your letters are covered to your liking. Keep in mind it’s supposed to look a little distressed with slight imperfections.

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