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Renee Elliott is a self-proclaimed fashion addict, food junkie and arts & craft nerd. She is the gal behind Re: Creative where she works on window displays, events and teaches craft classes.With an eye for detail, a love for DIY projects and a passion for creating, Renee is able to add her unique touch to any project.

DIY: Dream Catcher

Posted by Renee Elliott Monday, March 31, 2014 2:40 PM EST


My mom made me a dream catcher when I was a child and I still have it to this day. There is something magical about them and I’ve been seeing a resurgence of them lately. I decided to make a modern day version of a dream catcher using bits and pieces I had kicking around in my craft closet. The end result is a boho piece with a little edge and a touch of rustic.





A metal ring


Waxed cord

A hot glue

A wishbone shaped stick

Miscellaneous items: chain, twine, cord, ribbon, fabric or leather scraps and jewellery findings






STEP 1: Take the waxed cord and tie a knot around the metal ring base. Start tightly wrapping the cord around the metal ring until it’s fully covered. Leave a little loop with the waxed cord to make it easy to hang once completed.


STEP 2: Place the wishbone shaped stick on top of the ring and secure it to the ring using an x-pattern with the the waxed cord where the two meet. Secure with a knot.


STEP 3: This is the part where you can have fun and get creative. Tie several strands of fabric, leather, cord, chain etc. to the ring. Play around with pattern and different lengths. I glued jewellery findings and feathers to the ends of my strands. I also tied a few knots in key places to add texture.

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