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DIY: Coveted Tom Dixon Beat Light Improvised with a $20 Ikea Bowl!

Posted by Emma Reddington Wednesday, May 16, 2012 2:27 PM EST

Some women have a thing for shoes and purses. For me, it’s chairs and lights. Honestly, I can’t pass up a good buy on an iconic chair or a great deal on a bespoke chandelier, even if I don’t have room for the item in my house. For a while now, I’ve been coveting some Tom Dixon Beat Lights. You know the ones: matte black exteriors, hammered brass interiors, in three or four different shapes. A set of Tom Dixon Beat Lights would look great layered over any dining room table — particularly mine.

Tom Dixon Beat Lights, in various shapes, both isolated and in a home environment; photos via Tom Dixon [left] and The Goods Design blog

The trouble is, I can’t really afford these stylish, artistic lights and, since I have lots of other perfectly functioning pendant lights, neither can I justify acquiring them. Imagine my delight, then, when I came across what looked like a Tom Dixon Beat Light hanging in the home of one of my neighbours, interior designer Sarah Keenleyside. Sarah came up with a super-easy DIY to turn a $20 IKEA bowl into a Tom Dixon Beat Light lookalike, and she has kindly shared it with us.

The easy-to-source materials (IKEA ANGENÄM bowl pictured); photo by Emma Reddington

• IKEA ANGENÄM bowl, $20, or ANGENÄM dish, $20 (yes, they make two different shapes, and both will work)
• IKEA HEMMA cord set, $6, in black (note: white is displayed on web image)
• One lightbulb — an Edison or other more decorative light bulb works best
• Matte black canopy (if hardwiring into ceiling)
• Hole saw, 2" diameter

Using the hole saw, drill a 2" diameter hole of  in the centre of the base of the IKEA bowl/dish. Thread the HEMMA cord set through the hole, and follow the (easy!) instructions for how to keep the cord set in place. Plug your new light into the wall; if hardwiring, be sure to consult an electrician to finish the job.

Seriously simple, right? And the end result, as seen in Sarah’s own home — pretty stunning.

Interior designer Sarah Keenleyside's lookalike Tom Dixon Beat Light, installed in the designer's own home; photo by Kristin Sjaarda Photography

Sarah recently installed a multitude of her DIY lights in a new kid-friendly café she is working on in Toronto. Check out Sarah's Faceboook page to see some behind-the-scenes shots of the process.

What do you think? Are you willing to give this DIY a try?

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