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Discuss: Home By Novogratz Episodes 11 and 12

Posted by Alicia Cox Thomson Tuesday, February 7, 2012 12:35 PM EST


This week on Home By Novogratz, Bob and Cortney took on two very different spaces: a light-filled, modern townhouse for a young couple and a sweet, but small kids' bedroom for four-year-old triplets who needed storage and floor space. First up, Jan and David's Manhattan townhouse.

Isn't it beautiful? I was feeling some serious real estate envy when I saw this space, even in its before state. This may be my favourite Novogratz design so far because while the walls are white, colour is still a main part of the story. Using bold colours and mixing up palettes has been a growing design trend -- in fact February is Colour Month here on! The Novogratzes do it well.

I love those purple chairs and the soft blues in the sofa, accent pieces and dining chairs. And that "Family" rug is a Novogratz design, I saw a similar rug in black and white at their New York home.

Mixing metals is another popular trend in design right now -- I see antique brass, silver and warm gold in this photo!

On to the triplets -- who were pretty cute, I must say. Their downtown bedroom was lacking imagination and space to play or sit and colour. The Novogratzes were a perfect fit for this space as all their children, except their youngest, Major, share a bedroom.

The bunk bed they had designed suits the room -- and the genders -- of the triplets (one boy up top, two girls down below). The custom desk also works well in the space because it is narrow enough to leave floor space and it also contains much-needed storage.

The polka dot decals are an inexpensive way to add some fun and colour to the space. You have to be precise, though!

The triplet's father got a quick lesson on shooting family photographs which led to a photo mural covering one wall. Bare bulbs hung from colourful wires add more colour and also a ceiling light where there wasn't one before.

Which space was your favourite this week? Let's chat in the comments!

I also have exciting news: I know I've been promising a tour of the Novogratzes New York home and it will be up this week! So stay tuned for our exclusive visit, plus tips on colour, kids' rooms and more from Bob and Cortney.

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