Heidi Rittenhouse Pyper

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Heidi Rittenhouse Pyper

Heidi Pyper is a Toronto-based lifestyle blogger and one of the founding contributors to the popular Sweet Potato Chronicles blog.

Design: Did we Kill the Man Cave?

Posted by Heidi Rittenhouse Pyper Monday, January 27, 2014 2:41 PM EST


Apparently there’s some big football game on this weekend and otherwise sensible men will be descending into basements to howl at giant screens for hours. (Why? A question for another day).

Man caves by definition should be dark and comfortable, a dedicated space where the man of the house can celebrate his interests, hobbies and collections, without a woman’s interference or judgment. Thankfully, these spaces have graduated from wet bars and inexplicable red mood lighting…


But have they gone too far???  A photo investigation…



Topics: Man Cave, Masculine Design, Decor, Basement, Entertainment Room, Family Room Games Room, Garage


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