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Decorate Your Porch for Halloween

Posted by Emma Reddington Monday, October 15, 2012 11:29 AM EST


Decorating your front porch for Halloween has become somewhat of a sport in my neighbourhood. On my street alone there are numerous houses that go all out each year, with elaborate themes covering everything from ghoulish haunted houses, to crashed spaceships with lost aliens, to circus tents with carnival revelers.




While I’m not prepared to go quite that far, I do like to put in a modicum of effort so that don’t appear like the curmudgeon on the street! And with little children around it’s fun to get caught up in the spirit of Halloween. Below are a few ways to spookify your porch this October.

Styling: Annie McDonald & Emma Reddington

Photos: Kristin Sjaarda




If you’re pressed for time this Halloween season it’s still easy to throw together a good looking front porch. Craft stores like Michael’s have lots of ready-made elements like these Mice Silhouettes and 3-D Bat cutouts that you can literally just stick to your stairs and railings. Add in an assortment of pumpkins and gourds from your local grocery store (the more the better!) and you’re on your way to a handsome Halloween landing.




If you have a bit more time on your hands you could head out to your backyard and collect some fallen branches. We decided to spray paint all of our gnarly branches in a matte black colour but you could easily paint them orange or chartreuse green or any colour of your liking. The branches can be hung from the roof of your porch or placed in containers.




One of the ways we used our spray painted branches was in an old apple basket we covered in burlap cloth. Take a look around your home to see what you already have that could be repurposed. A galvanized steel container, wooden crate or even a garbage can covered in material could easily become a makeshift holder for these branches.




The next step is to add some spooky characters to your spray painted branches. Again you could go the easy route and buy some ready made bats or crows or you could make your own. We created these miniature floating ghosts out of rice paper lanterns and tissue paper. The process is very easy and could even be done by small children. (See the Halloween Branches and Ghost Lanterns DIY for complete instructions on how to make them.)

Finally the last step is to dress up your front door. If you have an urn or planter you use all year round look no further than your backyard for some autumnal branches. Layer these in with some Spanish moss, small gourds and larger pumpkins and you have an instant Fall display. A few hanging bats or flying crows attached to the branches and some well placed spiders and your Halloween porch is complete.

So while you may not be winning any neighbourhood decorating competitions at least your front porch will be a welcome sight to the revelers on Halloween night!


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