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Create a Stylish Canadian Cottage

Posted by Rebecca Burstein, Jr. Editor Wednesday, May 22, 2013 1:13 PM EST


The only thing better than an out-of-the-city cottage is a retreat designed with style. Thanks to these five decorating tips from Andrew Bockner, co-owner and designer of Andrew Richard Designs, you can turn your Canadian cottage into the ideal escape.



Photo Credit: Andrew Richard Designs


View photos of Andrew’s own Canadian cottage!


1. Colour

Use fun, bright hues to add a punch of colour to the surrounding nature and its earthy textures. Incorporate cushions and throw pillows in trendy shades that are easily recovered and can withstand moisture and heat. With outdoor furniture no longer limited to traditional tones of black, grey and white, add a piece in a contrasting orange, blue, or two-toned pattern to your existing set for a surprising and fresh colour feature!


2. Personality

Reflect the personality of you and your family with outdoor furniture that matches your design esthetic, whether traditional, modern or eclectic. Feel free to mix and match styles for a look that's your own, like a modern sectional with rustic accents. Just like your indoor decor, you can infuse personality on your cottage porch or dock with accessories like lanterns, driftwood or themed accents. Try incorporating family heirlooms or antiques for a more personal touch.



Photo Credit: Andrew Richard Designs


View photos of Andrew’s own Canadian cottage!


3. Loungers

Choose comfortable dock loungers that your family can relax in, either to watch the sunset, read a good book, or have an afternoon nap. The Muskoka chair is a Canadian cottage staple and is perfect for basking in the sun or socializing with friends and family. Be sure you don't forget to add a side table so your cool beverage has a home!


4. Food

Splurge a little on a great outdoor dining set as it will continue to be the centerpiece of all weekends to come. Teak is a key and practical trend for 2013, offering a natural appeal that is classic and industrial and can withstand Canadian weather. When planning your weekend menu, include plenty of fresh produce to stay refreshed in the heat. Focus on traditional and easy dishes like grilled burgers, kebabs or fish. Whether entertaining friends or enjoying a quiet family meal, spend more time enjoying and less time preparing! 



Photo Credit: Andrew Richard Designs


View photos of Andrew’s own Canadian cottage!


5. Cozy

Complement your unique outdoor setting and stay warm with a modern fire pit inspired by a natural campfire. For a low-cost alternative, keep soft blankets in hidden compartments or a cushion box. Multiple cushions designed for outdoors are a low maintenance way to keep comfy and can be used as extra seating on a hard dock. An outdoor sectional offers plenty of cozy seating to entertain all your guests and can be paired with wooden stumps that double as side tables or additional seating. Make sure you leave room for shade products to protect from the sun's rays.

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