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Heather Cameron is a prop stylist and lifestyle story producer from Vancouver, BC. Currently Heather resides on a blueberry farm, where she produces stories on all things charmed and country.

Crafty: A Lovely Twist on the Easter Flag & Bunny Sign

Posted by Heather Cameron Wednesday, April 4, 2012 6:17 PM EST


Happy colours, chocolate, bunnies and eggs...  you got it, it's Easter!

A Twist on the Easter Flag

This year, I opted out of the traditional style of Easter flag, and decided to use up some colourful materials I already had.

I don't know how, I don't know why...but I have a very large collection of napkins and hankies.  All collected over the years, all thoroughly washed.  If you don't have any -- and I can't imagine most of you do -- then a trip to any antique store, or even brand new napkins would work.  Anything happy, colourful and screaming spring will do.

I hit the craft store for some very inexpensive embroidery rings and got three for $7.


Bind the hankie in between the two rings, trim off the outer edges...


Attach a piece of yarn. Repeat.


Repeat, repeat...


Grab a vase, find a dramatic branch with some height...

Add some perky daffodils and voila! I didn't have a vase, so I used a paper lunch bag. This way you can send it home with a friend!

It's fun and super easy.  You could use fabric scraps or new napkins.  Whatever makes you smile. And tell me that doesn't scream "Welcome, it's Spring!"

Alternative to the Bunny Easter Sign

Pick up a few inexpensive wooden frames (mine came as a result of a trip to Ikea). 

Remove the paper backing and cardboard.


Bless Martha Stewart`s team for creating pretty chalkboard paint! A small container of this from the craft store is plenty for this project. p.s. Now I want a big can of it to paint a wall.

Anyways...paint the cardboard that you found in the frame -- two coats -- and let dry overnight.

Put the frames back together, but leave out the plastic photo protector.  Now your frames are ready for propping up or hanging about the home. 

Point out the buffet table, label the cheese plate...

..or, keep it very simple.

I hope you give it a go!

Happy Easter everyone.

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