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Sara Starkman

Sara Starkman is a lifestyle writer, poet and artist from Toronto.

How to Create a Cozy Bathroom

Posted by Sara Starkman Saturday, February 2, 2013 10:00 AM EST


When the dead of winter hits, there’s nothing like a steamy soak in the tub to take the chill out of your bones. That is, until you’re forced to face the shocking cold air and icy tiled floor around you. Fortunately, it only takes a few key, cozy additions to your bathroom to ensure you remain as snug as possible, in and out of the tub.




Having a fireplace installed in your bathroom, although ideal, may seem like too much work. But, these days, wall-mount fireplaces are as easy to set up and use as a flat screen TV. Just hang, click and watch the fire roar. For bathrooms with a bathtub, a heavy shower curtain will trap heat in much more efficiently than a plastic curtain or sliding door. Most likely, though, your floor will stay frosty, so a soft, thick bath rug that is super absorbent is the best way to keep toes toasty. And to make sure the rest of you dries off as quickly and comfortably as possible, a heated towel rack will keep your towels invitingly warm as if fresh from the dryer.




Whoosh Whole Home Alexandra Shower Curtain, $25; Modern Homes Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace, $279; Myson Wall 8-Bar Towel Warmer, $159.99; Plush Pile Bath Rug, $34-169.

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