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Colour Inspiration: Tween Room from Sarah's House

Posted by Vanessa Grant Wednesday, August 10, 2011 10:27 AM EST


It's Kids' Rooms Month on, and although I'm kind of surprised that the word "tween" still exists, I guess 10-, 11- and 12-year-olds do require a bit of a different approach than nine- or 13-year-olds. They're over silly toys but not quite ready for black walls and the lipstick to match. It's actually the perfect age for a Sarah Richardson-inspired room -- they still want pretty (or at least put-together) at this stage, and may not want it again until they're 18.

Sarah's tween room is a shared one with two twin beds, either for siblings or convenience for sleepovers. And the palette, minus a few pretty touches like the ornate mirror and fluffy pillow, could actually work for boys or girls. It would certainly work in a nursery and would still be relevant 12 years later.

This is a very simple combination of colours: blue, yellow and green in different pale shades layered throughout the space. White is used for the hard details like the mirror, the wood of the chair, shelving, frames and lighting.


Often, I give examples of how these palettes could work in other rooms or how I would change them for my own house, but I have to say that this palette is perfect for this type of room. I wouldn't really change a thing.

From left: Fatboy Junior beanbag, Ella + Elliot; Barnslig Rand rug, Ikea

A couple of cute items I might include in a kids' or tween room are the super fun and versatile Fatboy beanbag above. It's both a chair and a great big pillow and basically makes sitting on the floor more fun. The $29.99 IKEA rug has the perfect palette for a boy's blue and green room and is machine-washable -- a plus for crafty kids.

How To Apply Palettes in Any Room:

  • Choose the colour you'll use as the anchor. This will probably be a neutral, but if you're brave, could be a brighter colour.
  • Use this colour on the walls and/or major pieces of furniture. 
  • Choose three to four additional complimenting colours as accents (consult a colour wheel if need be!) and bring these into the room as rugs, pillows, window coverings and art. A plus: if any one of these decor items combine two or more of your chosen accent colours.
  • Another way to create a palette is to choose a decor item that really appeals to you such as a painting, decorative plate or throw pillow, and use it as a jumping-off point: pull four to five colours from this object to recreate the same palette in a room! 

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