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Cloud Lamp Brings Thunder and Lighting

Posted by Guest Author Thursday, July 3, 2014 4:59 PM EST


This thing made my day. (And no, for once that is not a spelling mistake in the headline).



Smart Cloud storming…


At first glance it looks like a cutesy pendant for a kids room, but upon further investigation, the cloud lamp is an interactive one-bulb circus (actually I think there is more than one bulb involved.)


The Cloud Lamp by Richard Clarkson is indeed a hanging lamp, but it’s also a speaker that plays your music of choice via bluetooth, and most amusingly, a multi-sensory entertainment unit that mimics a thunderstorm through sound and flashing light.



Smart Cloud


The particular nature of each thunder-and-lightning show changes based on the movements of the person who is in the room with the lamp. It has a motion sensor inside, which in turn controls the pattern of flashing lights and thunder sounds the lamp emits.




For full-force dramatics, combine your music with the Cloud’s responsive technology, and watch as your favourite song is accompanied by a mood-heightening, specially designed storm.


Really brings rocking out to your favourite tunes to a whole new level…



Lamp-only Cloud


The full monte ‘Smart Cloud’ can be had through Richard Clarkson’s website for USD $3,360, while the simple lamp version is going for USD $960.



Satellite clouds


There is also a ‘Satellite Add-On’ on offer, which is a small, aesthetic-only cloud pendant that can be hung around the Smart or lamp-only cloud to create a more realistic ‘cloudy sky’ environment.


Take a look at the Cloud in action…


Cloud from Richard Clarkson on Vimeo.

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