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Closet Makeover: Controlling the Clutter

Posted by Samantha Speisman, Editor Thursday, April 11, 2013 12:00 PM EST




I live in a small space – a really, really small space.


When I bought my condo two years ago, I knew I would need to come up with some extra storage solutions. I would need to use every nook and cranny I could find to store supplies, linens, shoes, coats…and more shoes. I was lucky to find a place with three closets: two in the bedroom (I’m pretty sure one is meant to be a linen closet) and one front-hall closet. They were deep and my ceilings were high, giving me lots of room. But usable room? That was an entirely different story.


I decided that I would have to build them in. The one hanging rack in both the front hall and the larger bedroom closet was not enough. There were a few wire shelves in the large bedroom closet but they forced a lot of stuff into a corner of the closet that wasn’t easily accessible.


I needed something orderly. I needed to be able to organize my closets in a way that made sense for my life. And I needed to get rid of the long line of shoes that were constantly taking over my front hall.


The front hall closet was a disaster. When Canadian Closet came to take a look at my mess, they suggested we get rid of most of the hanging since there was a lot of empty space and use it for shelves, since the bottom of my closet was exploding with shoes.


Front Hall Closet Before:



Front Hall Closet After:



We put floor-to-ceiling shelves on the right side of the closet and cut the hanging space in half. We also added more shelves above the hanging area and below. As you can see, I had more than enough stuff to fill the shelves, and I still have more room for coats if I need it.


Main Bedroom Closet Before:



The major problem with the main bedroom closet was that half of it was blocked by a dresser. I could get in there if I needed to, but it was a pain to get to stuff that I regularly wear. Canadian Closet suggested that we use that side of the closet for dresses, linens and other items that I don’t need often and use the left side for hanging. We installed two rods which doubled the hanging space.


Main Bedroom Closet After:



The second closet in the bedroom wasn’t my biggest grievance, but it was a pain to keep clean. The shelves were spaced far apart, which meant the piles of clothes were incredibly high. We stayed with the floor-to-ceiling shelves but we added a few extras. Replacing the wire shelves with solid ones has also made it a lot easier to keep tidy.


Main Bedroom Closet #2 Before (left) and After (right):



Overall, I’d highly recommend custom closets for your home – especially if you live in a small space. It’s made my mornings better, my life easier and my condo cleaner. I now have a space to store everything and there is no longer a long line of shoes taking over my front hall (not to mention, the dust bunnies that seem to come along with that mess!). I now have so much more room in my closets, which means only one thing: shopping!

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