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Carnivorous Penis Plant is Real; Draws Female Tourism

Posted by Guest Author Wednesday, June 11, 2014 11:06 AM EST



Something has been drawing the ladies to a remote location in Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains, and that something is Pong Kdor Moha Tep, a new species of pitcher plant (the Nepenthes genus), that looks uncannily like a circumcised penis. (Incidentally “Circumcised Penis plant” is what Pong Kdor Moha Tep translates to).


The Pong Kdor Moha Tep plant discovered in Cambodia.


Not only is this plant undeniably penis-like, it is also carnivorous, which means it derives its nutrients mostly from consuming insects and protozoa (single-cell organisms). It does so by opening up the head-like lid at the top of its body to attract and trap prey inside, where it digests it with enzymes just like the ones in our stomachs.


You’ve heard of the Venus fly trap… wait for it… now you have: the Penis fly trap.


Though there is no dearth of flora and fauna resembling genitalia of either sex in mother nature, I think you won’t contest me in saying that the Penis plant is by far its most flagrant creation, and hence news-worthy.


The ladies in the video below are reported to be discussing how they can bring back some seeds of this rare new genus, to start a Penis garden of their own.




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