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Brad Pitt Designs Furniture Line

Posted by Iris Benaroia Thursday, November 8, 2012 11:52 AM EST


71824031Imagine saying: Brad Pitt designed my freakin’ sofa!


Life with Angelina Jolie must really be the pits, if Brad Pitt needs to skulk away in the garage cobbling chairs…


Ok, Pitt isn’t actually wielding any tools (don’t we wish). Thanks to his self-professed “obsession with craftsmanship and attention to detail”, the father of six (ish) has joined forces with New Jersey-based Frank Pollaro of Pollaro Custom Furniture (who Pitt believes pursues quality to the same degree) to create about a dozen tables, chairs, an “exotic bed” and a “minimalist marble bathtub for two,” as he reveals in a recent interview in Architectural Digest.


Architectural Digest


What is such a bed? Will it be forged in the essence of the Savannah? AD’s website reveals the bed is much simpler — an Art-Deco-inspired low-slung job made of a tropical hardwood called Ziricote; jutting from its sides are silk-under-glass side tables perfect for midnight tipples. They’re only making nine of these, although I'm not quite sure what the fuss is about. The bed is pretty standard, almost conventionally ‘modern’, but with vintage-fender-like wings on the sides that look like they could do a good job on your shins in the dark.


Also revealed are Pitt’s puffy marshmallow-like patent leather chairs, reminiscent of Kartell’s Bubble Club series and a series of busy-legged tables.


The winners? A Hollywood Regency-style glass side table with a double-spiral 24 karat gold base, and my favourite — the best piece on view (thus far) to showcase Pitt’s originality — a 17-foot-long dining table with a tangle of feet, giving the illusion it's about to trot off as you tuck into your saddle of lamb.


See the collection November 13 until November 15 when Pitt’s designs are showcased with Pollaro's at a Chelsea gallery in New York. Register at



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