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Book Review: Dorm Decor

Posted by Guest Author Tuesday, December 1, 2009 1:25 PM EST


No, it’s not September, you’re not crazy.  But it is nearing winter break, and if you missed the boat on helping your youngster set up a cozy home-away-from-home at their current school, then it’s time you should be making some plans for next semester.  

What plans, you ask?  What can one actually do in a dorm room that doesn’t look like a sad grasping at decorating straws?  

According to Dorm Décor, a lot.  With over 35 projects , authors Theresa Gonzalez and Nicole Smith show you how you can clad that institutional cell with cushy, playful, whimsical and most importantly, transportable (take it home!) accessories, to chase away the dorm room blahs.  (Actually, there’s nothing to say that you can’t do this in any small space, including rental apartments and other shared accommodations.)

As both ladies are professional crafters and sewers, the book is heavy on sewing, but hey, learning how to sew is never a bad thing.  While embarking on creating a plush ottoman, punchy throw pillows and even personalized bedding, you and/or your kid will learn the basics of stitches, hems, trims and patterns.  

Crafting is definitely the name of the game here, not to mention, I can hardly see your son getting down with a “Rainy Day Curtain” (literally a roman blind with an appliqué umbrella and raindrops), but my craft finger was itching at the sight of the Cut-it-Out Rug; a felt cutout of an animal skin with a felt overlay of exaggerated zebra stripes – very cute!

Unfortunately, I’ve only the one review copy of Dorm Décor, and I shamelessly choose to keep it with me, so that I and the team can try some things out.  Unless… if one of you REALLY wants it, then I tell you what; send me a photo of your or your kid’s dorm room outfitted with all your crafty bells and whistles, and I’ll part with it. But only then. Email me at stylesheetAThgtvDOTca, with Dorm Decor in the subject line.

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