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Home Tour: Big Brother Canada

Posted by Mia Shulman, Managing Editor Wednesday, February 27, 2013 3:32 PM EST


With the premiere of Big Brother Canada right around the corner (Wednesday, February 27th, to be precise) and the exciting reveal of the 15 houseguests, we couldn’t help but get in on the action ourselves. And how does get pumped for the the big premiere? With a Home Tour, naturally.


We’ve got a sneak peek of the wicked space the Big Brother castmates will be calling home for the next 10 weeks, plus an exclusive interview with Peter Faragher, the Production Designer who created the Big Brother House. Read all about the challenges he faced in designing a home for 15 people and his favourite features below.


Plus, click to see a full gallery tour of the Big Brother house, decked out in awesome furnishings from The Brick.


Tune in to the premiere, Wednesday February 27th 9pm ET|PT on Slice.





HGTV: What was your design inspiration for the home?

Peter Faragher: My inspiration was mid-century modern. I was inspired by the late '50s and early '60s era, but applied modern Canadian materials and references. The overall design is what I like to refer to as “of the land.”


HGTV: What challenges did you face in designing a space for 15 people?

PF: It’s odd to think about 15 people living in such close proximity to one another. You have one bathroom for everyone and one bedroom. You have to consider the comfort aspect but also the intermingling aspect of the space. This is a TV set after all, but it’s also a real home with actual plumbing because these people live here.





HGTV: How would you describe your style? What are your design style preferences?

PF: I like to think that I can do anything. I’ve worked on the sets of dramas, comedies, reality TV shows, awards shows, game shows, and variety talk shows. I live to think that I don’t have a style, although builders who have worked with me will tell you that they recognize my style. I can’t tell you what it is.

In general, I’m inspired by the set designer Ken Adams – he’s the Bond movies designer. With him, when you walk into rooms, everything appears big. I wouldn’t consider myself to be in his company in terms of talent, but like him, I like to think in large canvases. I like people to walk onto my sets and have them feel big. I dread the thought of someone walking onto one of my sets and saying “Hey, this feels so much smaller than how it looks on TV.”


HGTV: What’s your favourite room in the house and why?

PF: It changes! Right now I’m loving the Have-Nots room because I just completed it. I love the exterior of the house. This is a house I would personally live in. It has a Jetsons/The Incredibles feel to it – a modern version of The Flinstone’s house.


HGTV: Did you look back on past Big Brother houses for inspiration? If so, which ones and what did you take from them?

PF: Not so much style wise but technically, yes. I mean, it’s one thing to design a house, but then when you think about the fact that it needs to facilitate the essentials of a production – lights, cameras, microphones, etc. – that’s a whole different set of skills and considerations.


I have some favourite international Big Brother house designs though. The Danish one was great and I loved how blingy the UK one looked. You felt like it was an ultra-high-end condo.






HGTV: How is the Big Brother Canada house unique from past Big Brother houses?

PF: In a nutshell, it’s Canadian. It feels that way. It’s mid-century modern, and in Canada, the 1950s and ‘60s were architecturally emerging years for us. So you’ll see styles from Don Mills, ON and suburban Winnipeg in the exterior design of the house. Also, the Big Brother Canada house is the only Big Brother house with an indoor backyard AND an indoor pool.


Last but not least, our backyard mural is truly an original. It tells the story of Canada from coast to coast. It has a naïve Paint by Number feel to it but it’s painterly. It was created by one of our set dressers, Jeff Harrison. A very talented painter. It features the lesser known landmarks and monuments of our country, like the red roofs of Quebec, the apples of rural Ontario—the fruit belt of our country—and the T-rex of Drumheller, AB – the largest dinosaur monument in the world.



Click to see a full gallery tour of the Big Brother house and tune in to the premiere, Wednesday February 27th on Slice.

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